6 PHOTOS: I’ve Never Wanted A Tiny Home. Then She Gave Me A Tour Of THIS. I Am So Jealous!

 As you know, people around the world try to get out into nature every so often to immerse themselves and disconnect from technology and society. Perhaps, that’s one of the reasonsummer camps are so popular for kids.
But if you’re serious about outdoor living, this tiny home might just be the perfect way for your to get off the grid and live as one in nature.
This mobile home from Austrian manufacturer Wohnwagon is made from recycled materials and is completely naturally-sourced.
Inside this tiny home, you’ll be greeted with a warm cream interior that invites in ample natural light. The exterior is crafted from Larch trees and assists in the solar roof panels.
The bed area is more than meets the eye. It has abundant storage spots near it and offers several secrets you have to see to believe! They save each homeowner a lot of space.
All of the energy generated form the solar panels is stored in the batteries below the tiny home. Besides using sun power, the home welcomes in a lot of natural light easily through its triple-glazed windows.
The bathroom is very eco-friendly with a composting toilet. Additionally, grey water and rain water are collected and filtered for everyday use.
Each of the unique homes from Wohnwagon can be customized to fit every owner’s needs.

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