A Mother-In-Law Is Pregnant With Her Son's Twins. 37 Weeks Later, Doctors See Something Bizarre ...

Mothers often go above and beyond for their children, but this particular mom really outshines the competition. Kendra and Aaron desperately wanted to be parents, but were unsuccessful even after several fertility treatments. They had just about given up when Kendra’s mother, Crystal, made them an astonishing offer: she volunteered to be a surrogate.

This was not a decision to be taken lightly, and it drastically changed Crystal’s life. She moved across the country to live with Kendra and Aaron in Arizona, took daily hormone injections, and underwent weekly ultrasounds. The pregnancy was considered high-risk, and there were several points where there was legitimate cause for alarm, including fears of miscarriage. The family recounts their amazing experience in their own words in this video.

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