5-Yr-Old Is About To Be Adopted By Her New Family. But When She Turns Around, She Gets The...

For 5-year-old Danielle and her foster family, it was a very special day. They had cared for the little girl since she was a toddler, and now it was time to finally adopt her.

In order to make it official, the family had to visit the district court, which doesn’t exactly lend itself to great memories. So Danielle’s foster care case manager came up with a plan—one worthy of a princess like Danielle…

Everyone who knows Danielle knows about her love for Disney princesses. So when her foster family sat in the courtroom and waited for their adoption hearing, they were delighted by what their city’s child services department did for their little girl.

When the judge revealed that under her robes, she was really Snow White, Danielle could hardly believe it.

 The judge explained—to everyone’s delight—that Danielle was there for a special princess hearing. And when the adoption was offical and it was time to celebrate, eight special guests entered the room and Danielle’s special day had a truly fairytale ending.

Check out Danielle’s magical adoption ceremony in the video below:

Danielle's Princess Adoption Day from Samaritas on Vimeo.

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