5-Year-Old Lad Saves Up Pocket Money To Take 'Beautiful' Best Mate On A Date

Meet Freddie Gibson, the five-year-old little lad who has more game than you.

After learning what a 'date' was from his parents, Freddie, who is from Christchurch in Dorset, decided he wanted to ask his best friend Dee Dee whether she would like to go for a meal.

But he didn't slide into her DMs all like 'hey stranger :)' or drop her a text (obvs, he's five) - instead, he sent her an invitation in the post and then waited for her response. Take note, lads.

He also saved up his birthday money to pay for the date and bought a new wallet to keep it safe. What a guy.

Freddie's mum, Nina Gibson, said he told her he'd helped Dee Dee read the menu and also took her a mini bouquet.
She said: "Freddie had been talking about asking Dee Dee on a 'date' for a while.

"It was just the cutest trip out ever and it was so wonderful to see them have such a great time."

Freddie pulled out all the stops and even let his date order a dessert. Seriously, I don't think my boyfriend has ever let me do that. This guy is a keeper.

Little Dee Dee said: "I really enjoyed going on a date with Freddie - especially the hearts on our ice cream!"

That's enough to melt even my cold, icy heart. Freddie FTW.

Words by Sian Broderick

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