4 Women Sing About Their Everyday Problems - The Entire Audience Can't Control Their Laughter!

Four women step onstage in front of a packed audience. Together, they sing a song titled “Oh No.” It’s a song that discusses their everyday problems and how their lives are more complicated because of clumsy and silly mistakes. It’s something that any women can relate to. I, for one, have made these similar mistakes numerous times!
The group sings about forgetting their car keys and misplacing their purse. I am sure this has happened to you at one point or another. Each time, the crowd can’t help but laugh at what these women are “oh no”-ing about. The most hilarious response comes when the women describe a pizza delivery boy coming to the house only to realize they have no idea where they put the purse. Then, the delivery boy points out that the purse is actually on top of their head!

[Source: Youtube]

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