24 Girls Line Up In Formation Onstage. When The Music Plays, No One Could Believe Their Eyes

 The audience wasn’t sure what to expect when a group of talented dancers stepped onstage at the Youth American Grand Prix back in 2014. Dressed in colorful pink and purple outfits, these girls lined up in formation while holding Chinese fans. Once the music played, the audience was immediately blown away.
 These girls took full command of the stage at at the Lincoln Center in New York City. In this gathering, dancers showcase their talents alongside professionals with an aim of bringing more beauty to the world.
 With their colorful fans, lovely costumes, and graceful moves, they performed a routine called ‘Jasmine’.The dance was originally choreographed by Tingting Liu of the Lianoning Ballet in China. The performance was a combination of ballet and traditional fan dancing, but the way the sections of the fans were choreographed to open is just so beautiful to watch.
Enjoy the performance in the video below.
[Source: Youtube]

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