23 Pictures That Explain Why Every Child Should Grow Up With A Dog

Makes me think back to the days of my first puppy... dogs are the best!

1. When a kid grows up with a dog, they learn certain things.
 2. Things like being scared of the dark is okay,
 3. Because they'll have someone to snuggle with.
 4. There's such a thing as unconditional love
 5. And that it's okay to be vulnerable.
 6. Falling down is part of life...
 7. But there will be someone to pick them up.
 8. It's okay to lean on others,
 9. To let people take care of them,
 10. And give them a hug.
 11. That you can have a lot of friends
 12. And still cherish those who are most dear.
 13. They learn to enjoy all of life's happy moments...
 14. No matter how big...
 15. Or how small.
 16. It's important to absorb tangible lessons
 17. Like how to be polite
 18. And respectful.
 19. But knowing when to let loose
 20. And be totally silly.
 21. And throughout everything,
 22. They'll always have a partner in crime
 23. And know they're never on their own.

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