15 Girls Turn Their Backs To The Judges. Now Watch Closely When They Turn Around...

There’s something about Irish step-dancing. Maybe it’s the fancy footwork, the sight of so many dancers pulling off incredibly intricate moves in unison, or perhaps the sheer energy of it all. But whatever it is, it always gets me tapping my foot and smiling ear to ear.

So when I saw that an Irish dance troupe was auditioning for “Britain’s Got Talent,” I was pumped. And like anyone who’s seen the performance below, I was impressed when the Innova Irish Dance Company took the stage and started working their way through a medley of Irish classics. But when the music stopped, I should have held onto my jaw, because it was about to drop.

A second later and feet are flying again. Simon Cowell and the rest of the judges are visibly wowed—and one of them actually gasps and lets out an involuntary “No!” It’s that impressive!

So what was it that won over the judges? Watch the jaw-dropping performance below!

[Source: Youtube]
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