14 genius ways companies took advertising to a whole new level

 During a time when the market is flooded with different companies making the same products, advertising is a crucial factor in gaining a customer.
The creativity of advertising never ceases to persist, and marketing teams are finding more and more ways to reach their target audience as effectively as possible.

Here are some of the most creative advertisements found all over the world.

 Panasonic has made air conditioning so good, it is better than being outside! 

 Making cookies out of Play-Doh is more fun than actually eating them. 

 Mercedes-Benz shows how easy it can be to park in their new cars, even if you are only relying on sound to guide you! 

 Hair dye from Wella is smooth enough to paint with! 

 FedEx shows us how their delivery services is always one step ahead of the competition. 

 IWC shows off their Big Pilot Watch by letting public transportation riders try it on during their commute! 

 The Honda Fit may look small, but look at all the stuff you can carry inside of one! 

 These towels are so good, you would think there was a kitchen sink right underneath your spill. 

 These giant mugs of beer are casually sitting on trees and lampposts to advertise Oktoberfest.  

 Let Interac handle your debt before it becomes a big problem.

 Precision parking from Volkswagen helps your car stay away from potential hazards. 
 Sometimes, the knife is so sharp you need a metal cutting board.

 Even pasta can be beautiful if you look at it from the right perspective. 

Sprite is such a refreshing soda, you could even shower in it! 

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