These animals have a little something they want to talk to you about. You didn't exactly do anything wrong and you're not in trouble, but they're going to need you to sit down for a little chat. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes, and they promise they're not going to yell. 
Above all, they just want you to know that this is for your own good and that they love you very much, not matter what.
1. This cat just needs you to sit down and have a little chat about what happened at school today
 2. These dogs need you to take a seat for a minute and have a talk
 3. These geese are going to need you to pull up a chair. Don't worry, you didn't do anything "wrong," per se
 4. Look, you're not in trouble, but this dog is going to need to talk to you about what happened back there
 5. This cat's going to ask you how your day was, but after that she's got something kind of serious (but not tooserious) to discuss with you
 6. These dogs really need to clear the air about something with you—it shouldn't take more than a minute or two
 7. This dog definitely isn't disappointed in you—that's the last thing he'd want you to think—but the two of you are going to have to sit down for a little talk
 8. This cat really wants you to feel settled in and comfortable before he says what he's about to say
 9. Now this dog really does love you, but he's going to need to have a word or two about your behavior
 10. This cat wants you to listen very, very carefully to what he's about to say, because he doesn't want to have to say it again
 11. This cat needs to know where you were last night and what you were doing, but she wants you to know she's not upset
 12. This cat hasn't been happy with the turns your life has taken lately and wants to have a chit-chat, but he definitely still loves you no matter what
 13. This dog will offer you a glass of water, but after that it's time for a stern talking-to