Woman Trying On Chewbacca Mask Is The Happiest Thing You'll See All Day

Sometimes all it takes is one video to remind you why you love the Internet.

Birthday girl Candace Payne recently took to Facebook to express her utter delight over a new toy she discovered at Kohl's: an interactive Star Wars Chewbacca mask.

The video starts out innocently enough, with Candace explaining her purchase to viewers:

    Hey. I'm ... I'm really excited to share with you something I got! Okay, I went to Kohl's today, I had to make a couple returns ... so, here's what I found when I was at Kohl's. I'd like to say I bought this for my son, that would really want it, and let's be honest, he'll probably confiscate it from me ... However, this is MINE. Like, when it's said and done, at the end of the day, this is MINE that I bought. And I'm gonna KEEP IT for my own.

Candace then proceeds to put on the Chewbacca mask, which allows the wearer to open and close the Wookie mouth with accompanying sound effects.

And it is at this point that Candace totally and completely loses her sh*t — in the best way.

"I'M SUCH A HAPPY CHEWBACCA" she manages, in between fits of laughter (while still wearing the mask, obviously). "This is the BEST birthday present EVER to myself!"

This unmitigated joy is something that we all needed today. Such happiness! Such laughter! You literally cannot watch this video without giggling to yourself about the absurdity of it all.

Thank you, Candace, for reminding everybody that sometimes, you just need to laugh hysterically over a child's toy. 

[Source: facebook]

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