Woman Can See Again After 21 Years Of Being Blind

Mary Ann Franco never needs to be reminded about the beauty of South Florida. She can’t wait to wake up every morning just to look out the window.

“The sun is coming through the trees,” she said. “ "Oh God, it’s so wonderful to see.”

For Franco, everything she sees is a gift.

That’s because up until very recently, Franco couldn’t see anything at all.

In 1995, Franco was in a horrible car accident and suffered multiple injuries, including to her spine.

In the days following, her vision faded until all the light in the world went out.

“You’re in blue and brown, and your tie is kind of brownish,” she said, pointing to her doctor, jokingly adding, “Yeah, you’re so handsome.”

She is the most excited about being able to see her family.

Looking at a picture of her daughter she said: "This is my daughter? Oh my God! Isn’t she beautiful.”

Mrs. Franco is greatly looking forward to seeing the rest of her family in the summer.

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