Whole School Is Shocked When She Shows Up At Prom Wearing THIS - Wait Til You See Her 'Dress'

 When 17-year-old Lizzie Rasmuson started to prepare for her prom night, she had a different mindset than most girls. While she wanted to have the perfect dress, she knew she couldn’t find one in stores. Instead, she had the perfect idea for a dress in her mind – she just needed to make it.
Inspired by a high school girl who made a prom dress out of duct tape, Lizzie and her boyfriend, Jordan Weaver, decided to make a prom dress from gum wrappers.

 They soon started to collect as many “5 Gum” brand wrappers as they could. Lizzie and Jordan began passing packs of gum out at school to their friends, and they made sure they collected every wrapper.
Armed with an abundance of wrappers, Lizzie got to work on her prom dress. With patience, hard work, and dedication, Lizzie created the perfect prom dress for herself. To be honest, I couldn’t even tell it was made of gum wrappers at first. It looks stunning!
She even collected enough gum wrappers to make her boyfriend a matching vest using the same material. How awesome is that?
Watch the video below to learn more about Lizzie’s incredible prom dress!
[Source: Youtube]

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