When Robert Downey Jr. Was Invited Onstage, The Crowd Was Confused. Then He Opened His Mouth

Back in 2011, legendary artist Sting held a concert in New York to celebrate his sixtieth birthday with friends, family, and fans. Guests such as Lady Gaga, Billy Joel, and Bruce Springsteen made appearances that night, but one guest in particular stole the show.
Most of us know Robert Downey Jr. as an actor who became famous with his work as Tony Stark in Iron Man. While he’s a supremely talented actor, few know how vocally talented he is. When this charming and handsome actor stepped onstage with Sting, no one was sure what to expect. After all, how many of you have heard Downey Jr. sing before?
But once he opens his mouth, it’s clear he belongs on the stage. In the video below, watch Downey Jr. perform an incredible duet of “Driven To Tears” with Sting. My jaw dropped once I heard his voice. I mean, is there anything this man can’t do?
[Source: Youtube]

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