Watch The Moment This Blind Toddler Sees Her Mother For The Very First Time…

Nicolly Pareira is only 2 years old but she has already been through so much. She has been deaf and blind since birth, and has undergone 7 eye surgeries in her home country of Brazil but all were attempts unsuccessful. But Nicolly’s mom, Daiana, wasn’t about to give up.

Daiana wanted to do everything she could to help her child so she brought her tp Dr. Grajewski at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Miami, USA. Dr. Grajewski was very concerned about Nicolly’s condition… “it was even worse than I thought,” she said. “Not only could she not see, but she couldn’t hear, she couldn’t walk. She was scooting around on her behind, and she couldn’t speak.” Dr. Grajewski performed surgery on Nicolly’s ears and eyes, and miraculously, it was a success! Watch the video below to see the full story and the absolutely precious moment when Nicolly sees her mother for the very first time.

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