VIDEO: When I Saw A Can On Her Counter With 48 Holes, I Asked What It’s For. What She Shows Me? WOW!

If you want an easy way to recycle while making something useful, then this is for you. Tin cans are easy to discard after use, but they are also easy to transform into a neat kitchen tool.
MrGear shows how simple it is to turn this plain old tin can into a tool you would otherwise have to go out and buy. People will marvel at how thrifty and creative you are all by just using a tin can.
In order to make your grater, you will need only a few items. First and foremost, make sure you have a tin can that is the size you find fit, some type of marker or pen, a small drill or something to make holes in your can, and sandpaper.
Start out by measuring six spots with equal distances in between them on one side of the can. Next, turn these spots into vertical lines so it is easier to make uniform lines for holes in your can.
Then, take a small drill and drill holes evenly spaced out using the lines as your guide. Make sure to smooth off those rough and potentially dangerous edges with your sandpaper, especially on the inside of the can.
The next step is to then take the drill bit and use it to bend the holes slightly outwards to create the actual grater shape. Not only is this a cheap and fun way to make a grater, but it also holds all your grated food right inside as you grate!
It is also an easy way to hold and then pour your grated food onto any meal. Even if you don’t need a new grater, this project gives you a backup one as well as a fun activity!
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