Unhappy Customer Complains About A Bad Batch Of Cupcakes. When Owner Opens The Box, She's SHOCKED

 Running a business on your own is difficult, but Sharon Carter has gone through much tougher times than other business owners.
In 2012, Sharon’s life was threatened by ovarian cancer. Years after, her younger brother passed away. And just when she thought the series of mishaps already ended, her youngest son was diagnosed with a degenerative disease that is accompanied by tremors in hands, eye disorder, and problems in balancing.
 Because of what she’s been through, Sharon was forced to work harder. She had to exert extra efforts so as to pay for the bills of her son’s treatments. And since she had to work even more, she had to sacrifice not spending time with her children.
Surprisingly, Jackie O, one of KIIS1065’s radio DJs, heard of Sharon’s story. Without hesitation, she decided to step in and do something amazing. But before she gave the help this mother of four needed, the Australian radio celebrity pretended to be a disappointed customer who bought a box of stale cupcakes from Sharon’s store in Penrith, Australia, Mrs. C’s Cupcakes.
 A hidden camera captured the heartwarming scenes. Despite all the complaints, Sharon stayed professional. She reacted positively saying, “I want my customers to be happy.”
In order to rectify the situation and ease the inconvenience, she said she will do everything she can, either to give a full refund or to exchange the cupcakes with new ones.
Jackie brought in the cake and convinced Sharon to taste the cupcakes herself so that she can tell what’s wrong. “Taste it for yourself so you can see,” said the DJ while putting the box on top of the counter. Sharon then opened the box without any idea about the big surprise that awaits her.
Excited to see Sharon’s reaction, Jackie hoped it could at least help the hard-working mother in the financial shortage she’s currently facing. It was one awesome treat Sharon would remember her whole life.
Wondering what’s inside the box? See the full video below.
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