Thousands Of bees Chased This Car For 2 Days. The Reason Why Is Amazing!

If you've been online today, you might have heard the news about the crazed swarm of bees that chased down a poor woman in a Mitsubishi Outlander for TWO DAYS, presumably because their queen was locked in her trunk.

While it's probably the most terrifying thing that could happen during your morning commute, it's also a fascinating example of just how dedicated bees are to their queen - after all, they worker bees are able to sniff out the queen based on her unique pheromones.

The Outlander belongs to Carol Howarth, a 68-year-old grandmother, who had no idea she'd picked up a tiny winged passenger when she visited a nature reserve.
Later, when she stopped to go shopping in Haverfordwest, West Wales, the bees descended - thousands and thousands of them.

[Source: facebook]

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