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 We're half way through the sixth season of Game of Thrones now so you should hopefully already know who the Dothraki are.
For those who are clearly just watching for the 'tits and dragons', as Ian McShane so eloquently put it, we'll have ourselves a little recap.
The Dothraki aren't actually in Westeros and don't really have much of an interest in the game of thrones being played in Game of Thrones. They're nomadic horse-mounted warriors who inhabit Essos, a continent to the east of Westeros.
So vast is the area they inhabit and so often do they move that the central plains of Essos are known as the Dothraki Sea.
There are fucking loads of them too and they're split up into different unnamed factions known as khalasars led by a single Khal. You'll remember Khal Drogo from season one, the one who married Daenarys Targaryen and gave her the title Khaleesi before getting fucked up by that witch in the tent.
Image via HBO
There is only one Dothraki city known as Vaes Dothrak, which we've visited briefly with Daenarys in season six. They don't have a currency as such, they just raid villages and cities for plunder.
As you can see, they have their own culture, and with their own culture comes their own language. Of course, they're a made up people, so it's a made up language. But that hasn't stopped Game of Thrones creators D.B Weiss and David Benioff asking an expert linguist, David J Peterson, to come up with a full and learnable language for the TV series.
One actress who has to learn that language is Emilia Clarke, as she has spent pretty much all six seasons in the company of the Dothraki, speaking their language.
So real is their language, it's actually possible to recite catchy late 90s American pop rock.
Check out Emilia Clarke giving it large to Hanson's 'MMMBop' on Late Night With Steven Meyers:
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I expect a Dothraki album available in all good music stores for Christmas.
Words by George Pavlou
By : theladbible

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