This Best Buy Flyer From 1994 Shows How Fast Technology Has Changed

For as long as I can remember, consumer electronics retailer Best Buy has published their weekly flyer. There was always something on sale and if they managed to get you in-store, the flyer had done its job.

Earlier this week, redditor /u/sheahofosho scanned an old Best Buy flyer from the week of October 23, 1994 and it really shows how fast technology has changed in 20 short years. You’ll find walkmans, VCRs, CDs, and camcorders; but what gets me are the specs and prices on the PCs! The flyer is a perfect time capsule and serves as a great reminder for how quickly technology is advancing.

4 MB of RAM, 720 MB hard drive and 14″ Super VGA! Only $9.86 for a cassette player!

Shaq Fu for Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis? Sold.

If you’re cassette Deck doesn’t have auto-reverse, I feel sorry for you.

I wonder how much that 46″ television weighs?

Your camcorder better have a color viewfinder!

Kids these days have no idea how fast a 14.4 fax/modem was.

Remember Encarta?

Appliance prices seem comparable-ish to today.

When Sony was king.

[Source: reddit]

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