They Hand Mom A Newborn Baby. Now Watch Her Reaction When She Realizes Who The Baby Is...

Eva thought it was a typical Sunday afternoon. She went about her usual day in her home in Franklin, Indiana. Suddenly, she heard a knock of the door. To her surprise, her son and daughter-in-law — Donny and Miranda — arrived to surprise her for the holidays.
The two have been stationed in Hawaii, and thought it would be awesome to surprise Mom just in time for Christmas. Eva was elated by the surprise arrival, and her reaction in the video clearly shows it.
However, Donny and Miranda did not come without a special gift for Eva. Little did Eva know, but she was about learn that she is a grandmother. Yes, the couple had recently adopted a little girl named Melissa (they call her Lily), and they wanted to surprise Eva with their little girl on this surprise viist.
In the video below, Eva meets baby Lily for the ver first time, and she could not contain her excitement at all. Her reaction is absolutely amazing, and it’s well worth the watch.
[Source: Youtube]

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