They All Said He Was Lying When He Claims His Dog Does This Everyday. So He Filmed THIS As Proof…

Once you have a baby, you’ll never sleep quite so soundly ever again. They wake you up in the middle of the night and you have to go take care of their needs.
Having a dog is, sadly, often of the same state of affairs. In the morning sometimes dogs or cats wake you up so you can show them some attention. You’ve been sleeping for 7-8 hours so they think it’s about time you wake up for them.
But when Lexi the samoyed wants to get dad’s attention, she has a special way of showing it. And dad set up a camera to record how its done for every one of his friends.
The big fluffy white dog reaches out with her paw to see whether or not dad is awake yet. Obviously, he is not…
She starts by patting his chest to get him awake. When that fails to work, she starts to get creative.
Eventually, she gets dad to stir and he kisses her furry paw. But he’s not ready to get out of his comfortable bed yet.
Lexi starts sniffing his face. Her wet nose is waking him up.  Then she puts her paw on his mouth.

But she’s only getting started. She really wants to wake dad up!

In a last ditch effort, Lexi the Samoyed gets up close and personal with dad. That’s why so many people don’t want their dogs on the bed!
Watch the funny video clip below!
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