The Exterior Looks Unique And Distinct, But It's The Inside That Left Me Completely Astonished

Nicknamed the Underhill, this eco-friendly house (or cave) is the result of 40 years of passion and hard work. It’s an incredible house that anyone would be lucky to live in!
Located in the hillside, the Underhill is surrounded by beautiful scenery. With a swamp and a stream walking distance from the house and beautiful trees and greens around the house, the Underhill carries a serene ambiance. The cave house was built into the hillside, and it looks perfectly natural. It was designed to be apart of the nature around it, and the owner, Graham Hannah was inspired by the caves he had seen around the world.
The house is made completely of stone and wood. Graham created his home to be a peaceful sanctuary where his soul and heart could rest and relax. Walking around the inside, you will notice the rustic decorations. It feels like the house has been around for hundreds of years!
Pay close attention to the detail of the interior. The ceiling and furnishings are well made, and there’s a reason behind every single design or creation. The house does not require any electricity. Because of its location, sunlight and candles do a great job at lighting the house.
It’s a beautiful home, and one that I would love to live in.
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