Steve's 7 Children Surprise Him On Live Television. When One Child Says THIS, He Breaks Down

 If there is anybody in this world who deserves all the love in this world, it would be Steve Harvey. On his 58th birthday, each of his kids shared their special moments with him on air on his TV show, The Steve Harvey Show.

 The host is always known for being expressive of his thoughts, but on that one episode, his fans were surprised to see another side of him. In fact, they, too, were in tears.
As soon as his wife and his kids showed up on the set, Harvey became very emotional. And when they were each given the opportunity to speak kind words of him, he started to cry.
 “This is my best TV moment,” said Harvey. “I’m not the person I used to be. It’s not about me anymore. I ain’t working for me. I’m working for them. I’ve got four full-time jobs for them.”
“When I’m done, I want you all to just have remembered that somebody cared more about you than himself,” he said with tears. “I will defend your honor until I die. This is the greatest moment I’ve ever had. I’m very proud to be your father.”
Since they all live in different parts of the country, it was difficult for the host to spend time and keep up with each of them. Thanks to the producers of the show, they were all gathered to celebrate Harvey’s day.
[Source: Youtube]

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