Star Athlete Is Voted Prom King, But Look Who He Chooses To Share His Special Dance With...

 Football players have this notorious reputation for being bullies, nasty, and arrogant. However, Ty Graham of Washington has proven that such notion isn’t always true.

 Ty is the star athlete of Cheney High School’s football team. Despite his royal status at school, he is also among the kindest. He doesn’t pick his friends. He even goes the extra mile, finding time to build rapport with students from other schools. “I just love interacting with people and seeing smiles on their faces. I just love seeing people happy,” Ty said.
“He has everything set up to be a jerk,” science teacher Marin Hatcher described Ty. “He’s this great athlete. He’s popular. He’s friends with everyone.”
 At prom night, the football star made headlines in their community, not because he was crowned prom king, but because he used his defining moment to make another person feel special.
Right then and there, he knew who deserves to be his partner in his special dance – Hannah Devine.
While at the limelight, Ty walked to Hannah, who was in her wheelchair. And then, he asked whether she could share the dance with him.
 Like Ty, Hannah is an athlete who is making a name for herself in the Special Olympics. In fact, her house is slowly being filled with medals and trophies she is earning in various competitions she’s joined.
“I didn’t know if she knew who I was,” Ty wondered. “But I’ve always known who Hannah was. She was always the sweetest girl on the bus, always singing, always smiling. She’s just a sweetheart.”
In an interview, Ty also explained, “Seeing her smile, obviously meant a lot. But I couldn’t keep a smile off my face. It brought such joy to my heart, being able to spin her around on the dance floor and seeing her light up. I’ll never forget it. I’ll cherish it forever. It’s the highlight of my life right now.”
Hannah said she also felt the same with Ty. “I’d say dancing with Ty was my favorite part,” she continued.
Since that night, Ty’s selfless act has been the talk of the town. Out of happiness, Hatcher assumed, “It was like, look how great our kids are. There’s hope for this world!”
Hatcher’s statement is something we can’t argue about. Looking at the prom’s short clip, we can say that kids like Ty gives the present generation hope to rise above the odds and become more compassionate to others.
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