Special Needs Student Asks Jock To Prom. His Answer Shocked The Entire School

 Middletown High School South is breaking down stereotypes and barriers in a big way.
Through a program called Circle of Friends, the school is pairing together students from different social circles and peer groups.The goal is to bring student groups together who would rarely interact. One major focus is helping special needs students interact better with their peers.
Nick Trezza, a special education teacher at Middletown High School South, says “They start to see that our students with special needs are actually more like them than they are different.”
The program has seen great success, especially in the lives of Claire and Chip. Claire is a student at Middletown who was born with a genetic chromosomal disorder. As a result, she is developmentally delayed. Through Circle of Friends, she was paired with Chip, a popular student who is on the varsity soccer team. These two would never have interacted with each other if it weren’t for this program, but Chip is very thankful that they met.

 Chip views Claire his little sister. The two quickly learned they have far more in common than they initially thought.
Chip tells CBS New York, “I viewed the world so differently before I met Claire, and after I met her, she changed me a lot. I don’t think anyone has ever taught me more or impacted me more than Claire.”
Because of their deep mutual respect and adoration for one another, Claire mustered up the courage to ask Chip to junior prom. Without hesitation, Chip agreed.
Watch the video below to learn more about this program and Claire and Chip’s story.

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