Soldier's Forced To Leave Dog Behind In Iraq. When They Finally Reunite, It's Stirring

 In April 2016, Former Army Specialist Ken Wyrsch was deployed overseas in Iraq when he suddenly heard news that his camp was shutting down, and his unit was disbanding.
 While many may perceive this as good news, it came as a shock for Wyrsch. While in Iraq, he had developed long-lasting relationships and bonds, and returning home meant he would be forced to leave one of them behind.
“You don’t leave he a friend behind,” Wyrsch tells CBS SF.
Wyrsch had formed a strong bond with a stray puppy that wandered into his army base in Iraq. The puppy, now named Ollie, had provided Wyrsch with support and comfort while overseas.
“He was there when we left on our missions, he was there when we got back.”
Leaving Ollie behind broke his heart, and when he returned home to the United States, Wyrsch knew what he had to do. Rather than try and move on with his life, he contacted SPCA International, hoping they could help him raise the necessary funds to adopt Ollie and bring him back to California.
One month after returning home, Wyrsch’s dream came true. In the video below, he travels to SFO International Airport to reunite with his best friend Ollie. Their reunion brought tears to my eyes.
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