She Had A Bad Feeling About This Truck In Front Of Her, So She Hits Record. Seconds Later? OH MY GOD

We all know that driving is the most convenient and time sensitive mode of transportation in this day in age.
Unfortunately, no matter how many safety regulations a new car passes, there is always still a risk for danger.
The accidents that do occur on the highway are much more dangerous because of the high impact of the increased speed.
The faster a car is going, the more that any unexpected contact will mess up the driver’s focus and the car’s movement.
For one unsuspecting driver riding down the highway in Shelby, North Carolina, she had to learn a very scary lesson about expecting the unexpected.
Wendy Cobb was sitting in her driver’s seat when she noticed a very slow truck right next to them. She took out her phone to film how the large truck was disturbing traffic all around them.
It was a very rare coincidence that just as she was about to stop recording the slow and disruptive truck, a terribly scary thing flew at the car!
The vehicle in front of hers had ran over a wooden beam on the side of the road.
The large 2X4 beam was launched up in to the air by the front car’s tires and came hurling into their windshield!  The huge piece of wood definitely smashed through the window and caused an upsetting explosion.
The video shows the glass going everywhere and the shocked drivers sudden ending of the video.
Luckily, she was alright, but it is definitely important to keep a safe distance behind other cars on the highway!  If you want to see the footage of the accident, check it out below and let us know if you have ever seen anything like this in on the highway before in the comments below!
[Source: Youtube]

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