She Drank Water With Warm Honey And Lemon Every Day For A Year - THIS Is What Happened To Her

 A lot has been said about the benefits of honey and lemon. Both contain many health benefits that are well documented on the Internet. But many of us may be skeptical of what we read online. While we may read that a certain fruit, concoction, or product may be the solution to a problem, it’s hard to believe its true. After all, there are no real life examples of it working.
Blogger Crystal Davis was curious and skeptical just like many of us, but she decided to find out for herself. After reading about the benefits of honey and lemon drinks, she challenged herself to drink warm water with lemon juice and honey for 12 months. She wanted to see for herself if the results were as miraculous as what she had read.
 After 12 months of drinking warm water with real lemon juice and honey, she’s thoroughly a believer.
Crystal was completely blown away by what the morning drink did for her. She lists three main differences in her life after completing the challenge.
1. She has not had a cold, flu, or gastro illness for an entire year
Crystal states she’s been a serial tonsillitis-getter her entire life, and she always seems to pick up whatever viral disease is going around. Since drinking warm water with lemon juice and honey every morning, she has felt healthy with no signs of illness.
She confesses there were days where she skipped the drink, and she felt she was about to catch something. The moment she returned to her regime, those feelings quickly went away. She now swears by honey/lemon and will carry both in her bag wherever she goes.
2. She’s a morning person who doesn’t need coffee
Lemon and honey provide enough of a morning spark that she doesn’t need caffeine from coffee. This eliminates headaches and other side effects associated with a caffeine comedown. Crystal also has more energy for longer periods of time, and she’s much less grumpy in the morning.
3. The people around her are becoming more healthy – the biggest reward
Because she became a devout believer of honey and lemon, she has convinced her family to participate as well. After administering her drink to each of them, they have all started to see the benefits. She says the “Whoa! That helped me straight away!” never gets old.
Crystal’s recipe uses all natural ingredients. There’s no chemist-bought or artificial packets. She uses real lemon juice and raw, pure honey.
  1. Boil water and let it cool.
  2. Add the juice of a half a fresh lemon and teaspoon of organic, raw unheated honey to a mug.
  3. Add a splash of cold water so you can drink immediately
She drinks this first thing every morning, although she admits she skips a few days here and there. After a year, you should see the same benefits and results Crystal experienced!
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