Quick-Thinking Kids Come Up With Incredible Way To Help Police Catch Burglars

A Good Friday Easter egg hunt in Surrey, UK, took an egg-straordinary turn of events when the group of children taking part ended up helping the police catch two burglars on the run.
The youngsters were searching for chocolate eggs in the countryside when two men ran past, followed shortly after by a police helicopter.

Realizing they were witnessing a dramatic police helicopter chase, the quick-thinking kids had the eggcellent idea of making a human arrow to point the authorities in the direction of the criminals.

It turned out the two men were burglars fleeing the nearby scene of their crime and, thanks to the children’s handy arrow formation, the two men were quickly caught by Surrey police.

Sgt. Paul Sochon of the National Police Air Service said, “I’m sure the last thing [they] expected was to abandon their Easter egg hunt to assist us in a police search, but the initiative they demonstrated proved to be invaluable.”

The police helicopter even landed in the field to thank the egg-hunting, criminal-catching kids for their help and share some Easter chocolates.
You can watch the kids crime-busting efforts below:

[Source: Youtube]

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