Pour White Vinegar Inside Your Toilet Tank. Once You Flush, The Result is Magical

I don’t know about you, but there’s nothing that makes my day more than finding out about a good cleaning trick. What makes it even better is when the cleaning trick is for a place that no one likes cleaning — the bathroom. In this video by HouseholdHacker, you’ll be taken through several cleaning tricks throughout the bathroom that plain just work.
Although I try to usually clean with non-toxic natural cleaners, I have to admit that they can be quite expensive. Sometimes, it’s better to use items that you can find throughout the house like vinegar. The great thing about vinegar is that’s it’s both affordable and non-toxic. You get the best worlds. You might’ve known that vinegar is great for cleaning toilets, but did you know that pouring vinegar straight into your toilet bowl and letting it sit there can make it a whole lot more potent?
That isn’t all, however. Another great trick is using a tea bag to clean glass or mirrors. Let’s not forget that you can use your dishwasher to ensure your toothbrush holder never amasses gunk from use. If you’re curious about additional cleaning tricks for your bathroom, check out the video below. I didn’t regret it, and I hope you won’t to!
What did you think about these bathroom cleaning tricks? Would you try any of them yourself? We want to hear your thoughts. Let us know in the comments below!
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