Poisonous Rattlesnake Attacks A 7-Year-Old Girl, But Watch What The Family Dog Does...

 Two months ago, the DeLuca family of Tampa, Florida, rescued Haus, a German shepherd, from a local shelter. Now, Haus is returning the favor.
A few days ago, 2-year-old Haus was playing in the backyard of his home with his 7-year-old best friend, Molly, when the unthinkable happened. An eastern european rattlesnake had entered the backyard and was awfully close to Molly. This rattlesnake is highly poisonous and is known for its venomous bite.
 Without hesitation, Haus jumped in front of Molly and protected her from the rattlesnake. While the DeLucas weren’t initially clear what happened at first, they could immediately tell something happened to Haus. He was bleeding, and the family immediately brought him to the vet.
Donya DeLuca tells WFLA, “He kept jumping back and then forward… and he did it three times. He had every opportunity to run but he didn’t.” She knows Haus was protecting Molly by keeping himself between the child and the rattlesnake.
 The vets shaved his leg, and doctors noticed the telltale signs of a rattlesnake bite – three bite marks. The snake’s venom had damaged Haus’s kidneys, but doctors believed Haus would be okay. However, the cost of treatment would not be cheap. Each day in the ICU costs anywhere between $1000-$1500, and a vial of anti-venom costs $618.
But the Internet has come to the DeLuca’s and Haus’s rescue. A GoFundMe page was set up to raise funds for Haus’s treatment. The target goal was $28,000, but it’s far exceeded that. Right now, $52,549 have been donated to fund Haus’s treatment.
The DeLucas are incredibly grateful for their dog’s heroics, and they couldn’t love him any more. “It shows you that a rescue dog, for us, paid it forward by protecting my family,” says Adam DeLuca.
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