Panda Refuses To Let Go Of His Favorite Toy. Watch His Reaction When They Try To Take It Away

Back when I was a little girl, there was one toy that I just couldn’t live without — my stuffed animal dog. No matter what other toys my parents would offer, as long as I had my stuffed animal dog I didn’t need anything else. After all these years, I sometimes wonder what ever happened to my stuffed animal dog. All I know is that the times I shared with it were definitely some of the highlights of my childhood.
We as humans aren’t the only ones that become fond of our toys. In the following video, you’ll watch an adorable video of a panda named Xiao Liwu that has been with the San Diego Zoo since he was born there back in 2002. Although Xiao Liwu has lived at the zoo his whole life, to call him a domesticated animal would be incorrect. Pandas are still wild animals. Yet this panda, however, has grown attached to a particular item just like a human would.
In this clip Xiao Liwu is a still a toddler panda at a couple of months old. His caretakers are taking time to play with him when it finally comes to a point where play time is over. When Xiao Liwu’s caretakers try to take their ball back from Xiao Liwu, however, this cuddly little panda simple refuses! Prepare to have your heart warmed as you watch this panda’s adorable struggle.
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