Officer Pulls A Man Over. When He Looks Inside His Car, He Does THIS And Leaves Him Speechless

 LaVonte Dell was driving through Westland, Michigan with his daughter in the back seat when he suddenly saw flashing lights in the rear view mirror. His heart immediately dropped. After struggling through tough times, the last thing he needed was a traffic violation and fine.
 Officer Joshua Scaglione had pulled Dell over because the windows on his car were too tinted. The officer couldn’t see inside the vehicle at all. As he approached Dell’s car and got a closer look inside, he was completely shocked to see Dell’s 3-year-old daughter, Lauren, in the back seat without a car seat. It was a clear safety hazard.
 Officer Scaglione asked Dell why his daughter was not buckled into a car seat. Dell told the officer his story and mentioned he was going through tough times. Tears soon filled Dell’s highs as he recounted how hard things have been and how tight money was.
That’s when Officer Scaglione stepped in. He instructed Dell to follow him, and he returned to his patrol car.
Naturally, Dell was shocked and stunned by the officer’s demands, but he obliged. Officer Scalgione lead them to a Walmart, where he purchased a car seat for Dell’s daughter with his own money.
 It was a touching gesture by an officer, and one Dell never saw coming. When asked why he did it, Officer Scaglione tells WXYZ, “”I related to it. I related to the fact that I’ve been in that situation before. And I said to myself  ‘This is the perfect opportunity for me to help this guy.'”
After the two parted ways, Dell returned home and wrote an emotional and touching message on Facebook, thanking the officer for his act of kindness.
 Officer Scaglione was thanked by numerous people nationwide, and soon he received national press attention for his act of kindness.
Now, Dell can drive around town knowing his daughter is safe and sound in the backseat.
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