New Internet Favourite To Play James Bond Is Pretty Surprising

 The ongoing debate over who should be the next actor to play James Bond was ramped up recently after Daniel Craig reportedly turned down a £68 million to reprise the role.
Although subsequent reports insist Craig has not made his final decision, bookies have actually called off bets on Tom Hiddelstone to replace the 48-year-old, reports the Daily Mail.
 But, even though Hiddelstone is clearly the bookmakers favourite, it seems like the good people of the Internet have a very different idea of who they would like to take on the iconic role.
A fan petition using #NextBond is currently making the rounds calling for non other than Gillian Anderson to play the famed secret agent.
According to Screenrant,  the campaign was jump-started by this image:
However, it didn’t take long for Gillian herself to hear what was going on, taking to Twitter to say:
It’s Bond. Jane Bond. Thanks for all the votes! (And sorry, don’t know who made the poster, but I love it!) #NextBond.

She’s had recent roles in TV series The Fall and Hannibal, and her profile is on the up following the revival of the X-Files.
Casting her would definitely give a brand new spin to the role and in fact, Daniel Craig has already said he’d be on board with a ‘Jasmine Bond’.
The film industry is slowly beginning to introduce more diversity on screen – so a Jane Bond may not be entirely outside the realms of possibility… 

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