Native Americans Hold A Powwow. Suddenly, A Marine Enters And Does THIS... Incredible!

 On June 21, 2014, the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma hosted a Powwow. A powwow is a social gathering help by different Native American communities. Here, people meet, dance, sing, and socialize. It’s an event to honor their heritage and culture.
At this particular powwow, there was a guest who surprised everyone in attendance with his actions. Dressed in his uniform, a U.S. Marine, Lance Corporal Marland Trey Kent, participated in the Iowa Powwow. In the video below, you can see this marine dancing alongside a Native American dressed in a stunning headdress. Together, the two perform a sacred war dance much to the crowd’s delight.
A Native American and U.S. Marine coming together is a highly symbolic event. Native Americans played a huge role in helping the Armed Forces during both World Wars.During World War II, more than 44,000 Native Americans served in the military. Serving on all fronts, these brave Native Americans were awarded numerous accolades and medals including Purple Hearts and Congressional Medals of Honors. In fact, Native American participation was so extensive it later “became part of American folklore and popular culture.”
It’s heartwarming to see two cultures unite and honor each other in this fashion.
[Source: Youtube]

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