Mom's Not Home - What Dad And His Little Girl Record Themselves Doing Is Priceless

 When Mom left the house, a little girl and father decided to get goofy and fun.
YouTube user jprinder1 recently uploaded a video of him dancing with his little daughter to Justin Timberlake’s new hit song, “Can’t Stop The Feeling,” and it’s easy to see why it went viral overnight. Dressed in hip pink-checkered pants, Dad dances with his daughter like nobody’s watching. They look so carefree!
 The two bop and boogie to a catchy beat. Not only do they get creative with their dance moves, but they also mix in a few classic moves. If you watch closely, you will see them doing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” the “Running Man,” and the disco. Younger audiences can relate to the more modern dance moves they do such as the “dab.”
It’s heartwarming to see a father and daughter create unforgettable, lifelong memories together. It brings a smile to my face!
[Source: Youtube]

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