Mom's Cat Wakes Her Up In The Middle Of Night. When She Follows Him To The Garage, She Sees It

When you hear stories on the news about animals rescuing humans, they’re usually about dogs rescuing humans. Have you ever heard a story, however, about a cat saving humans? Because cats are known to be independent and non-social animals, most people wouldn’t assume that a cat would go out of its way to help a human. Well, if you’re like a lot of cat lovers out there, you’re probably well aware that cats love their owners just as much if not more than their canine counterparts.
In the following story, you’ll hear about a cat named Bob. Now Bob is a 7-year-old rescue cat that acts a whole lot like other cats out there. He wakes up his owners when he needs something. He bothers his owners when he wants a specific type of food. And when Bob is sleepy? He’ll take up as much room as he wants on the bed. You think that Bob is selfish, but wait until you hear about the selfless act he took in order to save his family.
One night, Bob the cat started meowing and acting strangely in front of his owners. Although the couple that owned Bob wanted to just go back to sleep, Bob wouldn’t let him. So begrudgingly, the couple came out of bed and followed Bob through their home. Although they initially thought that Bob was just hungry, they were startled when Bob led them straight to the garage. What did they find in the garage? Well let’s just say that without Bob, this couple might not be alive today.
Check out the video below to see what Bob discovered and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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