Man Sings On The Street, But The Little Girl In The Red Steals The Show When She Does THIS

Music more than just notes, chords, and instruments. It’s an universal language of expression. It’s the one way we can communicate with everyone without limitations or boundaries.
This could not be more true than in the video below. In it, a street artist named Eduard Pazhik performs with his daughter Marianna in the center of Krakow, Poland. Pazhik was classically trained as an opera singer when he was younger, and he’s passing on his knowledge to his little girl.
Although we might not understand the lyrics of what they are saying, the music behind the singing speaks volumes. You can sense the passion and the emotion of the song!
But the true star of the show isn’t Pazhik, it’s his daughter, Marianna. Passerbys stop and stare at the duo, but Marianna’s beautiful singing is what really catches their attention.
[Source: Youtube]

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