Man Becomes Viral Hero After Calmly Eating Pizza During Mass Brawl

The world could have fallen into the throws of the apocalypse and it would not be enough for this guy to drop his pizza. The unknown man became a viral star after a fight broke out in a restaurant and he just pulled up ringside and continued to enjoy a slice. As reported by Someecards, the original video was captured by Autumn Collins and rapidly gained over 1,500 retweets.

Check it out:

[Source: Twitter]

Guy doesn't even flinch when some brawling dude kicks him in the foot. That's dedication to the pizza.

Twitter has enjoyed this romantic scene between a man and his pizza, which seems to have taken place at a pizza place in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Gram gave this lecture because she knows Pizza Man is out there, and hopefully not married to Pizza Girl.

While it'd be nice if Collins and Pizza Man got together, Pizza Man and Pizza Girl would be the romance of the century.

[Source: Youtube]

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