Lad Told He's 'Too Fat To Love' By Ex-Wife Drops 100lbs And Becomes Internet Heart-Throb

 Benjamin Montanez has paid his ex some sweet revenge by losing over 100 pounds after she told him he was 'too fat to love.'
After hitting the scales at 23-stone, Benjamin, from California, feared getting on again.
"It was totally to do with an unhealthy lifestyle," Ben, 33, told TheLADbible.
"I wasn't taking care of myself. I was eating anything and everything. At one point it got to where I was eating up to six king size candy bars a day."
Already uncomfortable in his own skin, feeling 'sweaty' all the time at the height of his hatred for his body, Ben also said that he didn't like how people would look at him when he ate.
He'd always been a bit of a big lad, but he'd never have classed himself as 'typically fat'. And although he wasn't, school bullies drilled it into his head that he was, meaning his self-confidence totally diminished.
But what lead him to completely losing the last of his self-esteem was his ex-wife.
"Me and my ex would get in arguments over my weight and my health pretty regularly. [My wife] would constantly tell me that I was too fat to love - that my weight made me unattractive and even that I was so fat the idea of having sex with me made her sick to her stomach."
That's when Ben decided he needed to do something about his weight - and he signed up for the gym.
But even when working out, Ben felt he wasn't supported - and later found out his wife had been cheating on him.
A truly heartbreaking situation for Ben, he pretty much saw it as his final straw. And, instead of working out to grasp back a loving relationship - he decided to put all his anger into getting fit, and to show his wife what she'd be missing.
A seriously healthy diet and fitness regime saw Ben go down to 240 pounds - and a whole lot of attention on Instagram and Facebook.
After he started posting photos of his progress online, Ben definitely caught the eyes of many - because his transformation has seen him turn into a bit of a beef-cake.
Ben said: "I have gotten quite the support from a ton of people. I have the best Instagram and Facebook followers a guy could ask for. I try to talk to and reply to everyone that comments or messages me on either of my accounts.
"Girls on social media approach me fairly often now - but if I go out to a bar or club I still don't get looked at to be honest."
Though Ben's target weight is 225 pounds, he admits he'll never be 'skinny' or work a six-pack.
He said: "I'm naturally a plus-size guy, so 225 would suit me nicely."
Well yes Ben, it most definitely does. Hats off to you, lad, that's how to get back at a bully.
Words by Hattie Jones

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