He's Deaf, But You'd Never Guess It By The Way He Moves - By The End, Everyone's In Tears

 Many of you may not know of Nyle DiMarco, but it’s a name you should get to know. Nyle was America’s Next Top Model first deaf winner, and he’s using his newfound success to break down barriers. His success – he won the competition – on the television show, Dancing with the Stars, is proof that having a “disability” doesn’t make an individual any less competent or capable than another.
In the video below, Nyle and his dance partner, Peta, put on a breathtaking performance. Dancing to Disturbed, “Sounds of Silence,” the two perform unforgettable freestyle routine. You could hardly tell Nyle was deaf by the way he dances and moves his body with the music and sound.
This performance was dedicated to all those in the world who are deaf, and it was an extremely moving number. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba later said, “I have to say, in 22 seasons, that is the best dance I’ve ever seen.”
[Source: Youtube]

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