Her Foster Parents Told Her How Much They Cared, But She Never Expected To Hear THIS

Can you imagine what it must be like to not have a family? Imagine spending your entire childhood moving around from one foster home to the next, constantly wondering when you’ll be able to live a normal life and settle down somewhere. For some, I’m sure this causes a huge feeling of worthlessness, and it engraves a deep feeling in your heart that no one wants you. Well, this awesome video is a great chance of pace, and it will bring a smile and perhaps a few tears to your face.
Meredith Dennis was sat down by her foster care parents, as they wanted to tell her what they really felt about her. As she sat there listening to them, thinking about how she went 17 years of her life without anyone to call family, she finally got the answer that she’s been waiting to hear her whole life.
“We want to adopt you into out family!”
[Source: Youtube]

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