Heartbroken Widow Lost Her Husband Unexpectedly. Watch What Happens When She Walks In...

The death of a partner is never easy. Everything after seems to become a painful reminder of a life once shared together. Deedee Zgonis found herself in that exact situation when her husband Yanni died unexpectedly. Yanni Zgonis left behind not only a mourning family but also a pizza parlour with employees who made their livelihoods working there. Deedee not only had to come to terms with her loss, but she also had to learn how to run an entire business.
She later recounted, “At first, I couldn’t even come in [to the restaurant]. I couldn’t walk in. It was difficult.” Knowing she had people depending on her to pull through, she pushed through and kept the business running as usual. After closing a commercial loan with Eastern Bank, the bank learned of Deedee’s situation and were touched by this woman’s strength and persistence. They decided to surprise Deedee with a spa weekend down in Florida, but they didn’t stop there.
Calling on the support of her family, her employees, and the community, the team at Eastern bank blew Deedee away with the second part of her surprise.
Watch the video below to find out what happened next.
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