He Took Apart The Pallets And Laid Them ALL OVER The Porch. When He's Finished? AMAZING!

 Even if your realtor promises you the new house you’re looking at buying is “move-in ready,” there are still probably going to be a few changes you’ll want to make to it to create a home you love.
That’s how Susan Hirneise Moore from the blog, Redo Redux, felt about their home, and especially so about the front porch.
“The concrete slab was cracked in the middle and sagged so that the porch was not level,” Susan wrote on the blog post about the project.
Susan took her time to really decided what she wanted to do to upgrade the porch, but then she and her husband were given a huge pile of pallets for free and she knew exactly where the supplies would leave them.
“When someone gave us a slue of pallets, we had our solution,” Susan wrote. “Fix the porch with pallet wood.”
The process started with Susan’s husband removing all the slabs from the tops of the pallets and then laying out the bases in a pattern on the porch.

 After leveling the porch underneath all the bases and drilling all of them together, it was time to add the slabs of wood back on.
“The planing process revealed beautiful wood of all kinds -- all hardwoods, some of them exotic,” Susan wrote.
 The porch fit 18 perfect squares of wood, each of which the couple equipped with extra support boards to hold more weight.
 “Once the top boards were in place, the porch was almost complete,” Susan wrote.
They didn’t stop just there, though, and after everything was nailed in place, the covered the wood with a beautiful, dark walnut stain.
 To cover up the last area of the porch Susan wasn’t too fond of, they added a pallet step up to the porch.
The end result looks like something that was custom made, and now at least the front of their house looks “move-in ready.”
Find more details about the project here.

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