He Steps Onstage To Audition. His Voice And His Mom's Rescue Brings The Entire Room To Tears

17-year-old Emmanuel Kelly is an Australian who was originally born in the middle of a war zone in Iraq. As a little boy, while Iraq was in the midst of war, Emmanuel was discovered inside a shoebox. Born without hands and without the care and nurturing that he needed, Emmanuel was brought to an orphanage where he patiently waited and prayed for a family to rescue him.
A miracle did come, and an Australian woman fell in love with Emmanuel and his brother. She refused to leave a war-torn Iraq without these beautiful boys. She became their mother, savior, and hero.
As time progressed, Emmanuel soon discovered that he had a very special gift – his voice. He’s a very talented singer, and in the video below, he auditions for The X Factor. Performing John Lennon’s “Imagine,” Emmanuel brings the entire crowd to tears with his stunning voice. The song takes on a whole new meaning after you learn of Emmanuel’s story.
[Source: Youtube]

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