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Do you remember the first time you saw snow on the ground? Perhaps it was when you were a little child. Or maybe you were an adult if you grew up in a warm climate.
Seeing snow for the first time is an amazing experience. And it’s just as enthralling for animals as it is for humans.
In the amazing video below, you’ll witness 11 horses experience snow for the very first time in their lives.
What’s so cool about this clip is that these horses react to snow in much the same way a child would.

They’re jumping, running, and playing in the white powder that’s covered their ordinarily open field.

While most of the horses start running around with each other, keep your eyes on the one to the right. She has a totally different way of experiencing snow.
She lies on her side and starts rolling in the white stuff! Just like how a dog would play in the snow!
“Thanks for sharing! So beautiful. The horses are so happy and Healthy. Obviously they have great owners,” viewer Lynda Vincent wrote on YouTube.

Take a moment to watch the video now and tell us what your reaction to it is.

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