He Found An Old Bathtub And Cut It In Half. The Result Will WOW You!!

Check out this video to see exactly how a man turns an old bathtub into a rustic-styled sofa. With lots of power tools and carpentry expertise, the man transforms and repurposes the tub into a one of a kind settee.

At first, it didn’t seem like it was going to turn out all that awesome, or very pretty. But, by the time he adds the natural wood branches to complete the bottom of the frame, the piece really comes together. With a brightly colored cushion and some decorative pillows, the unique sofa looks like it truly belongs just where he places it in the house.

And, as this wonderful tutorial is about to show you, it’s not that difficult to do yourself. If you think old bathtubs are too rare or expensive, think again! 

[Source: Youtube]

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