He Fixes A Car Dent In Just 20 Seconds - I Had No Idea It Was THIS Easy!

For an investment that costs anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, a car is worth maintaining. Because of the high cost, I always cringe whenever I do something wrong in my car. Whether it’s backing into a mailbox, running over a curb on a turn, or accidentally parking too close to another vehicle, these events can happen to anybody, and often times they result in some sort of cosmetic damage to your car. Fortunately, repairing these little car dents is very simple and anyone can do it!
In the video below, a man shows you how to fix a car dent using just two tools: a hair dryer and a can of compressed air. Why does this work? Science! He uses the hot air from the hair dryer to ‘expand’ the metal. Then, he turns a can of compressed air upside down – so that it blows cool air – to cause contraction in the metal. This causes the dent to pop right out!
Watch the video below, and 15 seconds in, you’ll hear a very audible “pop.” It’s that easy.
[Source: Youtube]

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