Good Guy Brad Pitt Saves A Young Girl From Getting Crushed

The girl was in danger in the crowd hoping to catch a glimpse of him

Recently while filming on the set of his latest film Allied, Pitt managed to step in and save a little girl from what could have been a really bad situation. During the filming of a scene, a large crowd of fans had gathered by some fencing to try and get a glimpse of the production, and unfortunately a little girl was starting to get crushed by the large amount of people. Lucky for her, Pitt noticed and stepped in to take care of it and lucky for us, somebody caught the whole thing on video which has since surfaced on YouTube.

The video was shot by a fan on the location of the World War II drama film set in the Canary Islands. As we can see in the video, the crowd was understandably very enthusiastic to see Brad Pitt, as most of us would be. The problem is that once they start getting one another riled up, they begin pressing the girl up against the fence. She becomes scared and is clearly in pain. Pitt springs into action and runs over so he can pull her over the fence and get her out of the situation, which could have got a whole lot more ugly.

[Source: Youtube]

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